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Custom Challenge Coins

Not everyone knows about custom challenge coins and why they are given away. There are many kinds of coins but the most famous one are those given to military personnel. The United States Armed Forces give these custom coins to members of the different branches of the military as a symbol of brotherhood and membership. All challenge coins are unique among one another with each coin having its own logo and message.

ChallengeCoins4Less, our company, is involved in the production and selling of custom coins for the different units of the military. We can help you solve all your problems. We are recognized as your one-stop-shop for all your challenge coins requirements. When it comes to our dedication, providing 100% customer satisfaction is never a question.

We guarantee that every coin that comes out from our work area meet the necessary standard quality required. The value of challenge coins are different from one another. That is why we give premium to pre-production works that are being done before the production of coins begin.

Custom Challenge Coins

Looking for the best custom coin available in the market is hard. To give you a better understanding on the real value of challenge coins; we will explain to you the different processes or stages of coin production.

The first process is artwork and designing:

In this process, we first interview the person who is looking for the coin. We ask them questions in relation to how he wants the challenge coin to look like. After talking with them, we let them look at our coins gallery and let them choose.

If by chance, they can’t choose one from our catalogue, this is where our creative team steps in. We ask our layout artists and designers to create concepts for our customers to choose from. Also included in the artwork are the symbol and motto of the military unit it is representing.

The second process is called the cutting:

Cutting literally means cutting the edges of the metal plate for it to take shape. In our company, we offer different kinds of cutting edge technology such as standard, rope cut edge, cross cut, wave cut and oblique cut.

The third process is color matching:

With color matching, what we do is try out different kinds of color combination and see what mix will work. Each custom coin has its own color assignment that has to be strictly followed.

The fourth process is shipping and delivery:

Shipping includes all the expenses that will be incurred once the order has been sent and packed for delivery. In addition, delivery time will depend on how far or near the area of the buyer wants his items sent. Orders placed within the United States of America is free-of-charge.
Shipping and delivery also includes packaging. Your custom coins may be packaged using the following: PVC pouch, velvet bag, velvet presentation box, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, custom patch insert and corn stand. If you’re wondering how long it’d take before you get your order, well, the amount of time depends on your order – particularly on its complexity and size. Still, we’re on par with the fastest coin manufacturers in the US. Some even say we’re a lot faster.

Here are the four major processes or stages of coin production that we discussed. Use these information to give you an idea on what kind of custom coin you will get. Don’t take things for granted. Challenge custom coins are special kinds of coins given to men and women in uniform who have exhibited exemplary performance during their tour of duty.

So what are you waiting for? Inquire now! Visit our website and see for yourself what we are offering. Get a quotation now…proof check the artwork and design…wait for the approval of the quotation…and once approved, production will then begin and will end only once the items have been delivered to your preferred delivery address.

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