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Your Guide in Using Lanyards from provides all kinds of lanyards that you can customize for specific purposes. Name your objective for ordering custom lanyards and we will work our best to uphold it for you.

To give you an idea or a guide, we have listed different functions of lanyards below. On each of them, we explained the kinds that are ideal to use and the probable and feasible designs.

Lanyards as Key Holders

Polyester lanyards are your perfect key holders. They are cheap and convenient, durable and flexible. You may either buy our blank polyester lanyards or have our polyester lanyards imprinted via silk-screen printing. Silk-screen printing is the same process used to customize t-shirts. It produces striking and gleaming texts and images.

Tubular lanyardsOur tubular and cord lanyards are also excellent for this purpose. Both are also cheap. Cord lanyards, however, cannot be customized. They are perfect for those who prefer simple over fancy. Tubular lanyards are made of tube-stitched polyester. They are comfortable to wear, perfect for laid-back people. If you are heading out, better wear those to hold and secure your keys. They will prevent you from losing them. They are also easy to store so you may place them in areas that are always visible to you.

It is vital to use the correct hardware attachment for your lanyards because each of these attachments has certain uses. You cannot use a bulldog clip as a key holder, but you can use our key ring or metal ring. Simply slide in your keys to the ring and you’re good to go.

Lanyards as Badge Holders

Lanyards as Badge HoldersLanyards of any type are great as badge holders. Students, government and non-government employees, sales personnel, and even executives wear lanyards to secure their identification badges. They also allow these people to present their IDs to authorities easily. In comparison to clips, lanyard attachments can hold and secure badges better. With lanyards, you no longer have to check every half an hour if your badge is still pinned on your uniform. recommends woven lanyards as badge holders. These lanyards are simple yet attractive. The process in making them is similar to embroidery. Because the designs are to be sewn and not printed, intricate designs are not ideal for woven lanyards. Bold texts with basic font styles are perfect.

We can weave your company’s name, your own name, or your department’s slogan on your woven lanyards. The surfaces of these lanyards are smooth to the touch. They are also long-lasting, making them a wise choice.

Lanyards for Product Promotion

Have you seen a lanyard with imprinted brand name? Lanyards are now among the most used campaign devices. They only cost companies a few dollars, yet their effect, with proper usage, can be huge. The quality of the lanyards is not really important in this specific purpose. What matters is the quality of the printed brand name and/or logo. It has to be loud and bold.

These promotional lanyards are usually given away at product launches to the companies’ target market. Imagine this. If you order 100 imprinted polyester lanyards and give them away, there is a probability that 100 people will wear them; thus, your brand name has a chance to be seen by a lot of people.

If you want to make sure that your promotional lanyards are noticeable and you are willing to spend more, offers you our gorgeous nylon lanyards. These can stand out among the others because of their gleaming effect. Nylon lanyards, when paired with screen-printed texts, will showcase your brand elegantly to your target customers.

Lanyards for Camping and Hiking

landyardThese are the exact opposites of the previous one. Here, functionality is the most important. During camping and hiking, there are tools that you have to carry with you at all times, such as a small knife and flashlight. Make sure that they are reachable and secured. You cannot afford to lose a flashlight when you are hiking in the middle of the night. Lanyards are your best solutions for this.

Since you need a heavy-duty lanyard, we recommend you our dye sub type. However, if you opt for a more affordable type, tubular lanyards are also great.

You can select multiple attachments for your multiple tools. We have plastic hooks, swivel hooks, metal hooks and lobster claws. We can attach two or more of these attachments to a key ring for your convenience.

Lanyards for Awarding also provides customized attachments for special purposes like for awarding. In the military, brave service men and women were recognized with customized coins attached in custom lanyards. The same is used by universities and different organizations.

If you are planning to recognize excellent individuals or group, we hope you can try our nylon lanyards. You can have these lanyards customized with any design. In case you want a more special multi-colored lanyard, we can also create a unique dye sublimated lanyard for you.


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chemicalsOstarine has been compared to the Anabolic steroid primobolan but it is more reasonable to buy Ostarine because while they both apply their effects in an anabolic way, they don’t work so similarly. Majority of steroidal androgens transform into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estrogen so there is an increased chance of acquiring the side effects related to DHT, like hair loss and enlarged prostate. On the other hand, estrogen also potentially hosts a new set of problems of its own, such as high blood pressure, water retention, or in some cases, the expansion of the male breast tissue. In addition, the production of testosterone is shutdown on cycle. This can go on for several months if the correct pct does not follow a cycle.

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Supplements also seem to help increase the effectiveness of Ostarine. One such example would be Creatine which, by itself, increases lean body mass, bone density, increases levels of igf-1, and helps prevent cardiovascular problems. A combination of both Ostarine and Creatine figures to work wonders.

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