August 2016

iron on patches

iron on patchesHaving problems with iron-on patches? Well, Patches4less is your go-to source of expert tips and insights when it comes to patchworks. In fact, our customers are satisfied with the designs we currently offer online. But the main issue here is how to effectively iron on patches onto clothes without damaging the fabric. So we’ve gathered everything important to the topic so that you will know how to perform the whole process with ideal results in the end.

Applying Iron-On Patches onto Garments

With years of experience in patchwork and garment designing, Patches4less will provide you with the ultimate ways to attach your Iron On patch onto your favorite outfit. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps to finish the work with rewarding outcomes:

  •     Use household iron to fix Iron On patches on clothes without any problem.
  •     Heat iron through maximum setting or lower for delicate fabrics. Consider the kind of fabric you’re using.
  •     Use pillow case in covering the decal area where the iron will be exactly ran.
  •     Take note of the patches with plastic backing. Once the heat is activated, the glue or adhesive within the patch will adhere to the clothing. It’s important not to remove the plastic backing to maintain the adhesives.
  •     Iron above the pillow cover in order to quickly warm the area up wherein the decal will be attached.
  •     Remove the cover and put the patch above the desired area. Then cover it again using the pillow cover while ironing the area.
  •     Iron the area 5 times to secure the adhesives.
  •     Remove the pillow case and iron to help you see if the patch is properly applied.
  •     Leave the patch after ironing it on the clothing. Cool it down to ensure attachment. Simply put, don’t be too excited.

But if you want to use commercial heat pressure, you may do so. Patches4less will give you tips on how to properly do this so that the decal will stick to the fabric in the long run. First is to turn on your heat press while setting it at 260 or up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Always take note of delicate fabrics when applying heat to avoid damages. After heating the area, run a 10-second press while the patch it not yet attach on the fabric.

Additional Tips to Achieve Quality Patchwork

Heat press is ideal in ensuring that the patching area is perfectly done. After making sure that the decal is already attached, let it cool down and check the patch for possible problems. If everything is okay, you can wear the shirt the next day for a perfect outfit. On the other hand, people can also decide to sew the patches onto their clothes. If that’s what you want to use, then there are important things to consider prior to the patchwork. Below are some helpful tips to help you carefully fix your patches on your garments:

  •     Experts say that sewing patches is better than using household iron due to the solid attachment it gives.
  •    Thick needle is ideal in using nylon thread to fix the patch on the clothing.
  •     Sew the patch with the right circumference for quality output. You can even use stitching styles to beautifully attach the decal.

For iron-on removal procedures, you can use specific products available in the market to help you remove the patches beautifully. You can spray the product on the fabric in order to melt the glue. However, if the spray leaves smell on your clothes, be sure to wash them immediately. But if you just can’t remove the decal yourself, you can always contact us to do it for you. Visit Patches4less for more detail about decal removal from fabrics.

Why Choose Us?

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