Custom Challenge Coins

Not everyone knows about custom challenge coins and why they are given away. There are many kinds of coins but the most famous one are those given to military personnel. The United States Armed Forces give these custom coins to members of the different branches of the military as a symbol of brotherhood and membership. All challenge coins are unique among one another with each coin having its own logo and message.

ChallengeCoins4Less, our company, is involved in the production and selling of custom coins for the different units of the military. We can help you solve all your problems. We are recognized as your one-stop-shop for all your challenge coins requirements. When it comes to our dedication, providing 100% customer satisfaction is never a question.

We guarantee that every coin that comes out from our work area meet the necessary standard quality required. The value of challenge coins are different from one another. That is why we give premium to pre-production works that are being done before the production of coins begin.

Custom Challenge Coins

Looking for the best custom coin available in the market is hard. To give you a better understanding on the real value of challenge coins; we will explain to you the different processes or stages of coin production.

The first process is artwork and designing:

In this process, we first interview the person who is looking for the coin. We ask them questions in relation to how he wants the challenge coin to look like. After talking with them, we let them look at our coins gallery and let them choose.

If by chance, they can’t choose one from our catalogue, this is where our creative team steps in. We ask our layout artists and designers to create concepts for our customers to choose from. Also included in the artwork are the symbol and motto of the military unit it is representing.

The second process is called the cutting:

Cutting literally means cutting the edges of the metal plate for it to take shape. In our company, we offer different kinds of cutting edge technology such as standard, rope cut edge, cross cut, wave cut and oblique cut.

The third process is color matching:

With color matching, what we do is try out different kinds of color combination and see what mix will work. Each custom coin has its own color assignment that has to be strictly followed.

The fourth process is shipping and delivery:

Shipping includes all the expenses that will be incurred once the order has been sent and packed for delivery. In addition, delivery time will depend on how far or near the area of the buyer wants his items sent. Orders placed within the United States of America is free-of-charge.
Shipping and delivery also includes packaging. Your custom coins may be packaged using the following: PVC pouch, velvet bag, velvet presentation box, coin capsule, velvet presentation box, custom patch insert and corn stand. If you’re wondering how long it’d take before you get your order, well, the amount of time depends on your order – particularly on its complexity and size. Still, we’re on par with the fastest coin manufacturers in the US. Some even say we’re a lot faster.

Here are the four major processes or stages of coin production that we discussed. Use these information to give you an idea on what kind of custom coin you will get. Don’t take things for granted. Challenge custom coins are special kinds of coins given to men and women in uniform who have exhibited exemplary performance during their tour of duty.

So what are you waiting for? Inquire now! Visit our website and see for yourself what we are offering. Get a quotation now…proof check the artwork and design…wait for the approval of the quotation…and once approved, production will then begin and will end only once the items have been delivered to your preferred delivery address.

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We at www.challengecoins4less.com offers more custom coin options than ever leaving you the ability to create a truly custom creation. Visit our website and see for yourself what we are offering.

iron on patches

iron on patchesHaving problems with iron-on patches? Well, Patches4less is your go-to source of expert tips and insights when it comes to patchworks. In fact, our customers are satisfied with the designs we currently offer online. But the main issue here is how to effectively iron on patches onto clothes without damaging the fabric. So we’ve gathered everything important to the topic so that you will know how to perform the whole process with ideal results in the end.

Applying Iron-On Patches onto Garments

With years of experience in patchwork and garment designing, Patches4less will provide you with the ultimate ways to attach your Iron On patch onto your favorite outfit. All you need to do is follow the following simple steps to finish the work with rewarding outcomes:

  •     Use household iron to fix Iron On patches on clothes without any problem.
  •     Heat iron through maximum setting or lower for delicate fabrics. Consider the kind of fabric you’re using.
  •     Use pillow case in covering the decal area where the iron will be exactly ran.
  •     Take note of the patches with plastic backing. Once the heat is activated, the glue or adhesive within the patch will adhere to the clothing. It’s important not to remove the plastic backing to maintain the adhesives.
  •     Iron above the pillow cover in order to quickly warm the area up wherein the decal will be attached.
  •     Remove the cover and put the patch above the desired area. Then cover it again using the pillow cover while ironing the area.
  •     Iron the area 5 times to secure the adhesives.
  •     Remove the pillow case and iron to help you see if the patch is properly applied.
  •     Leave the patch after ironing it on the clothing. Cool it down to ensure attachment. Simply put, don’t be too excited.

But if you want to use commercial heat pressure, you may do so. Patches4less will give you tips on how to properly do this so that the decal will stick to the fabric in the long run. First is to turn on your heat press while setting it at 260 or up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Always take note of delicate fabrics when applying heat to avoid damages. After heating the area, run a 10-second press while the patch it not yet attach on the fabric.

Additional Tips to Achieve Quality Patchwork

Heat press is ideal in ensuring that the patching area is perfectly done. After making sure that the decal is already attached, let it cool down and check the patch for possible problems. If everything is okay, you can wear the shirt the next day for a perfect outfit. On the other hand, people can also decide to sew the patches onto their clothes. If that’s what you want to use, then there are important things to consider prior to the patchwork. Below are some helpful tips to help you carefully fix your patches on your garments:

  •     Experts say that sewing patches is better than using household iron due to the solid attachment it gives.
  •    Thick needle is ideal in using nylon thread to fix the patch on the clothing.
  •     Sew the patch with the right circumference for quality output. You can even use stitching styles to beautifully attach the decal.

For iron-on removal procedures, you can use specific products available in the market to help you remove the patches beautifully. You can spray the product on the fabric in order to melt the glue. However, if the spray leaves smell on your clothes, be sure to wash them immediately. But if you just can’t remove the decal yourself, you can always contact us to do it for you. Visit Patches4less for more detail about decal removal from fabrics.

Why Choose Us?

Well, our only promise is reliable and affordable patchwork products and services perfect for novices and skilled. If you want to learn more techniques in attaching and removing patches, you can always check out our website for professional assistance. But if you want a professional to do the job for you, we also got you covered. With the increasing demands for patches, we never stop to improve our services. In fact, we design more patches to exactly meet unique needs that our customers have.

And if you simply want to redesign your jacket and jeans, let patches do the work. They are perfect in styling jackets with some beautiful logos or designs like sports league, company brand, or your name. You can do so much with our patches. Whether you want to make your clothes more stylish or add logos to your caps or backpacks, this is absolutely the best way to do the designs. For personalized patches, contact us so we can start manufacturing what you exactly want. For free quotes, call us via our customer service hot line today.

Your Guide in Using Lanyards from wholesalelanyards.com

wholesalelanyards.com provides all kinds of lanyards that you can customize for specific purposes. Name your objective for ordering custom lanyards and we will work our best to uphold it for you.

To give you an idea or a guide, we have listed different functions of lanyards below. On each of them, we explained the kinds that are ideal to use and the probable and feasible designs.

Lanyards as Key Holders

Polyester lanyards are your perfect key holders. They are cheap and convenient, durable and flexible. You may either buy our blank polyester lanyards or have our polyester lanyards imprinted via silk-screen printing. Silk-screen printing is the same process used to customize t-shirts. It produces striking and gleaming texts and images.

Tubular lanyardsOur tubular and cord lanyards are also excellent for this purpose. Both are also cheap. Cord lanyards, however, cannot be customized. They are perfect for those who prefer simple over fancy. Tubular lanyards are made of tube-stitched polyester. They are comfortable to wear, perfect for laid-back people. If you are heading out, better wear those to hold and secure your keys. They will prevent you from losing them. They are also easy to store so you may place them in areas that are always visible to you.

It is vital to use the correct hardware attachment for your lanyards because each of these attachments has certain uses. You cannot use a bulldog clip as a key holder, but you can use our key ring or metal ring. Simply slide in your keys to the ring and you’re good to go.

Lanyards as Badge Holders

Lanyards as Badge HoldersLanyards of any type are great as badge holders. Students, government and non-government employees, sales personnel, and even executives wear lanyards to secure their identification badges. They also allow these people to present their IDs to authorities easily. In comparison to clips, lanyard attachments can hold and secure badges better. With lanyards, you no longer have to check every half an hour if your badge is still pinned on your uniform.

wholesalelanyards.com recommends woven lanyards as badge holders. These lanyards are simple yet attractive. The process in making them is similar to embroidery. Because the designs are to be sewn and not printed, intricate designs are not ideal for woven lanyards. Bold texts with basic font styles are perfect.

We can weave your company’s name, your own name, or your department’s slogan on your woven lanyards. The surfaces of these lanyards are smooth to the touch. They are also long-lasting, making them a wise choice.

Lanyards for Product Promotion

Have you seen a lanyard with imprinted brand name? Lanyards are now among the most used campaign devices. They only cost companies a few dollars, yet their effect, with proper usage, can be huge. The quality of the lanyards is not really important in this specific purpose. What matters is the quality of the printed brand name and/or logo. It has to be loud and bold.

These promotional lanyards are usually given away at product launches to the companies’ target market. Imagine this. If you order 100 imprinted polyester lanyards and give them away, there is a probability that 100 people will wear them; thus, your brand name has a chance to be seen by a lot of people.

If you want to make sure that your promotional lanyards are noticeable and you are willing to spend more, wholesalelanyards.com offers you our gorgeous nylon lanyards. These can stand out among the others because of their gleaming effect. Nylon lanyards, when paired with screen-printed texts, will showcase your brand elegantly to your target customers.

Lanyards for Camping and Hiking

landyardThese are the exact opposites of the previous one. Here, functionality is the most important. During camping and hiking, there are tools that you have to carry with you at all times, such as a small knife and flashlight. Make sure that they are reachable and secured. You cannot afford to lose a flashlight when you are hiking in the middle of the night. Lanyards are your best solutions for this.

Since you need a heavy-duty lanyard, we recommend you our dye sub type. However, if you opt for a more affordable type, tubular lanyards are also great.

You can select multiple attachments for your multiple tools. We have plastic hooks, swivel hooks, metal hooks and lobster claws. We can attach two or more of these attachments to a key ring for your convenience.

Lanyards for Awarding

wholesalelanyards.com also provides customized attachments for special purposes like for awarding. In the military, brave service men and women were recognized with customized coins attached in custom lanyards. The same is used by universities and different organizations.

If you are planning to recognize excellent individuals or group, we hope you can try our nylon lanyards. You can have these lanyards customized with any design. In case you want a more special multi-colored lanyard, we can also create a unique dye sublimated lanyard for you.


With an unstable economy where there is greater supply than demand, it would be easier to sell your house if you know how to sell your Garden City New York real estate by lowering its price. However, there are other ways to get a sure sale without compromising the price and instead get more than what your house is really worth. There are several ways to make your property attractive without jeopardizing the price. Some of these ways are the following:

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

homeTo make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, improve it before putting it on sale. Perhaps you can consider trimming your lawn or adding to the existing landscape. Replacing your roof can also be a good idea or you can change your windows to make them look more contemporary or modern. This will not only add value to your home, it will also increase its aesthetic appeal. Choose your replacements and improvements well. They don’t have to be expensive; just make them look appealing with the design, color, and even arrangement. Make sure that your improvements would complement your other house amenities. Consult an architect or you can just look at home magazines and websites for inspiration. When improving your house, do not overspend because the additional price may discourage buyers from considering your property, let alone actually buying it. If you have added some interesting features in your house such as a wet room or brand new roof shingles, include them in the home listing information to put an edge over your competitors.

Clean the Area

house cleaningPut yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Of course, you will not choose a house that is in disarray. Thus, make your Garden City New York real estate attractive to buyers by cleaning the house and its surroundings. Makes sure that the windows are clean, the plants are well-tended, and other details that would give the impression that your house is well-maintained and not worn down. Buyers want to picture themselves and their possessions in the house so make sure to remove your photographs and other personal items in the house. You can also put away some furniture to make the house look bigger. If you want to sell the house pretty fast, consider hiring a home staging specialist, then visit www.li-realestatefinder.com.

Offer Irresistible Deals

In a tough economy, buyers would always look for great deals that would give them more value for their money. Thus, offer deals that would minimize the buyer’s expenses such as a transferrable home warranty. A home warranty costs somewhere around $300 to $400 a year and covers the air conditioning system and appliance problems. In some instances, a home warranty also includes home gadgets and other appliances. If a buyer gets this, he would save hundreds of dollars while getting the protection offered by the home warranty. Also, you can make your Garden City New York real estate more attractive by giving the buyer the option to close the deal in as little as 30 to 60 days.

Make Your Home Available for Moving In

To make your home more inviting, make sure to give your potential buyer an idea that they can move in anytime you close the deal with them. Check the plumbing fixtures and ensure that they are in top condition. A buyer would want to have a hassle-free new home when he transfers and not worry about fixing and replacing certain areas in the house.

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If you are thinking about to sell your property garden city new York, then you need to hire a real estate agent who is help you to sale your property very fast for that visit www.li-realestatefinder.com website.
golf equipment

Given that golf is as much a game of strategy as of athleticism, a lot of its aspects require a significant deal of consideration. Anything and everything from how and where to train to which shoes to wear and what kind of equipment to purchase all come with a set of pros and cons that both aspiring and professional golfers need to grapple with.

golf equipmentSurprisingly, whether to purchase/use discounted equipment or not is also a point of contention, especially for beginners who are still on the fence about truly committing to the sport or not (Usually, pro-golfers either have sponsors to provide for them, or have no trouble with making a few sacrifices to fund their commitment to bettering their game.).

Evidently, discount golf clubs come with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, some of which will be discussed below:


•They are cheaper – With basic golf clubs normally costing hundreds of dollars at a pop, discount golf clubs that are priced at a considerably lower rate are definitely appealing. And if the aspiring golfer is patient and resourceful about sniffing out good deals for golfing equipment, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll get a spanking good (if slightly used) set at a budget-friendly price.

golf club•They don’t require as much commitment from those who simply want to dabble in the sport – Infrequent golfers who are just seeking an alternative form of exercise or who are involved in it for social reasons (as opposed to actually improving their game play) often welcome discount golf clubs since it allows them to play the sport without forking over a small fortune up front. Also, discounted equipment is also great for parents who want their kids to try the sport but are unsure if their children will actually commit to the game.

•Veteran golfers who prefer older golf club models also have a better chance of finding them in the discount pile since advances in technology have caused earlier prototypes to be discontinued entirely.

•They’ve already been broken in – This is especially true in the case of used (but still serviceable) golf clubs that are sold at a discount. Sometimes, a few nicks and scratches in the right places can actually improve the performance of a golf club, especially if they were previously handled by a fairly adept golfer.


•Discount golf clubs don’t usually come with a return or refund policy. This is usually because their prices have already been significantly reduced, or because they are simply used equipment that their previous owner is trying to get rid of.

•Buyers can come across counterfeits and get ripped off. Discount golf clubs aren’t usually subjected to the same kind of scrutiny as their regularly-priced counterparts so a defective or fake piece of equipment occasionally makes it into the sale pile. Counterfeit golf clubs are often ridiculously unreliable or even dangerous. Club heads can detach mid-swing, shafts can break, and incorrect swing weights can cause poor posture and chronic body pain over time. It is advisable, therefore, for potential buyers to carefully examine the golf clubs to see if they have serial numbers stamped on them and if the words on their packaging are spelled correctly.

•There are often fewer choices, especially for aspiring golfers with custom equipment requirements. Since discounted golf clubs are often the surplus output of a manufacturing firm, there’s no guarantee that a buyer will find a golf club with the exact length, weight, and angle that they require from the discount pile.

•Discounted golf clubs are also very unlikely to include the latest updates (such as adjustable weights or club faces). Take note, however, that beginners don’t really need such features and that they are generally intended for pro-level players (who wouldn’t be shopping for their gear in the discount pile anyway).


Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that attaches to the androgen receptor in a similar way to anabolic steroids such as Testosterone, but in a more particular way. They demonstrate similar anabolic effects as with steroids, but minus the side effects that come with other androgens. When SARMs attach to the receptor, they show strong anabolic activity in bone and muscle because it changes the receptor’s action in a way much different than the usual androgen receptor stimulators, such as steroids. SARMS are able to shift the gene-transcription process in a way that is particular to tissue.

chemicalsOstarine has been compared to the Anabolic steroid primobolan but it is more reasonable to buy Ostarine because while they both apply their effects in an anabolic way, they don’t work so similarly. Majority of steroidal androgens transform into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estrogen so there is an increased chance of acquiring the side effects related to DHT, like hair loss and enlarged prostate. On the other hand, estrogen also potentially hosts a new set of problems of its own, such as high blood pressure, water retention, or in some cases, the expansion of the male breast tissue. In addition, the production of testosterone is shutdown on cycle. This can go on for several months if the correct pct does not follow a cycle.

Conversely, Ostarine does not transform into DHT or display any of the side effects that accompany it. Estrogen levels are slightly upped, but not as much as steroids. Also, compared to the usual steroid, SARMs such as Ostarine bypasses the 4 ring steroid structure because, well, they are not steroids, which means that they are not detected by anti-doping agencies.

To get the most out of Ostarine, it is vital to get the right dose. People who are looking to buy Ostarine must take note that Ostarine’s half-life, or the time for the drug to lose half of its strength, is 23.8 hours. This means that to get the most of it, a dose once a day is enough to achieve the highest peak of blood plasma serum levels. One person said that a dose of 25mg-35mg a day gave him the largest gains in muscle and muscle pumps in period of 4 weeks. Higher dosages over the same time period did not show any increases in strength or lean body mass. The recommendation is to front load Ostarine during the first week of use, close to 50 percent of the target dose to quicken the concentration of Ostarine in the body’s system and its effect on the androgen receptor.

Supplements also seem to help increase the effectiveness of Ostarine. One such example would be Creatine which, by itself, increases lean body mass, bone density, increases levels of igf-1, and helps prevent cardiovascular problems. A combination of both Ostarine and Creatine figures to work wonders.

Another reason to buy Ostarine is because it does not only help build muscle, but also increases the strength of tendons, improve ligament health, increases density of bones, and the pace at which collagen is turned over. A dose of 12mg is sufficient for this purpose. Also, with the same dose, it can help treat certain injuries such as shin splints, and also to help maintain muscle and hasten the recovery speed of limbs after an operation. It is important to note that one will not be able to fully recover on Ostarine alone; it can only provide the needed anabolism during recovery. It is advisable, then, to buy Ostarine and use it together with a pct protocol such as aromasin, nolvadex, and clomid to ensure total recovery.