golf equipment

Given that golf is as much a game of strategy as of athleticism, a lot of its aspects require a significant deal of consideration. Anything and everything from how and where to train to which shoes to wear and what kind of equipment to purchase all come with a set of pros and cons that both aspiring and professional golfers need to grapple with.

golf equipmentSurprisingly, whether to purchase/use discounted equipment or not is also a point of contention, especially for beginners who are still on the fence about truly committing to the sport or not (Usually, pro-golfers either have sponsors to provide for them, or have no trouble with making a few sacrifices to fund their commitment to bettering their game.).

Evidently, discount golf clubs come with a distinct set of advantages and disadvantages, some of which will be discussed below:


•They are cheaper – With basic golf clubs normally costing hundreds of dollars at a pop, discount golf clubs that are priced at a considerably lower rate are definitely appealing. And if the aspiring golfer is patient and resourceful about sniffing out good deals for golfing equipment, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll get a spanking good (if slightly used) set at a budget-friendly price.

golf club•They don’t require as much commitment from those who simply want to dabble in the sport – Infrequent golfers who are just seeking an alternative form of exercise or who are involved in it for social reasons (as opposed to actually improving their game play) often welcome discount golf clubs since it allows them to play the sport without forking over a small fortune up front. Also, discounted equipment is also great for parents who want their kids to try the sport but are unsure if their children will actually commit to the game.

•Veteran golfers who prefer older golf club models also have a better chance of finding them in the discount pile since advances in technology have caused earlier prototypes to be discontinued entirely.

•They’ve already been broken in – This is especially true in the case of used (but still serviceable) golf clubs that are sold at a discount. Sometimes, a few nicks and scratches in the right places can actually improve the performance of a golf club, especially if they were previously handled by a fairly adept golfer.


•Discount golf clubs don’t usually come with a return or refund policy. This is usually because their prices have already been significantly reduced, or because they are simply used equipment that their previous owner is trying to get rid of.

•Buyers can come across counterfeits and get ripped off. Discount golf clubs aren’t usually subjected to the same kind of scrutiny as their regularly-priced counterparts so a defective or fake piece of equipment occasionally makes it into the sale pile. Counterfeit golf clubs are often ridiculously unreliable or even dangerous. Club heads can detach mid-swing, shafts can break, and incorrect swing weights can cause poor posture and chronic body pain over time. It is advisable, therefore, for potential buyers to carefully examine the golf clubs to see if they have serial numbers stamped on them and if the words on their packaging are spelled correctly.

•There are often fewer choices, especially for aspiring golfers with custom equipment requirements. Since discounted golf clubs are often the surplus output of a manufacturing firm, there’s no guarantee that a buyer will find a golf club with the exact length, weight, and angle that they require from the discount pile.

•Discounted golf clubs are also very unlikely to include the latest updates (such as adjustable weights or club faces). Take note, however, that beginners don’t really need such features and that they are generally intended for pro-level players (who wouldn’t be shopping for their gear in the discount pile anyway).


Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that attaches to the androgen receptor in a similar way to anabolic steroids such as Testosterone, but in a more particular way. They demonstrate similar anabolic effects as with steroids, but minus the side effects that come with other androgens. When SARMs attach to the receptor, they show strong anabolic activity in bone and muscle because it changes the receptor’s action in a way much different than the usual androgen receptor stimulators, such as steroids. SARMS are able to shift the gene-transcription process in a way that is particular to tissue.

chemicalsOstarine has been compared to the Anabolic steroid primobolan but it is more reasonable to buy Ostarine because while they both apply their effects in an anabolic way, they don’t work so similarly. Majority of steroidal androgens transform into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or estrogen so there is an increased chance of acquiring the side effects related to DHT, like hair loss and enlarged prostate. On the other hand, estrogen also potentially hosts a new set of problems of its own, such as high blood pressure, water retention, or in some cases, the expansion of the male breast tissue. In addition, the production of testosterone is shutdown on cycle. This can go on for several months if the correct pct does not follow a cycle.

Conversely, Ostarine does not transform into DHT or display any of the side effects that accompany it. Estrogen levels are slightly upped, but not as much as steroids. Also, compared to the usual steroid, SARMs such as Ostarine bypasses the 4 ring steroid structure because, well, they are not steroids, which means that they are not detected by anti-doping agencies.

To get the most out of Ostarine, it is vital to get the right dose. People who are looking to buy Ostarine must take note that Ostarine’s half-life, or the time for the drug to lose half of its strength, is 23.8 hours. This means that to get the most of it, a dose once a day is enough to achieve the highest peak of blood plasma serum levels. One person said that a dose of 25mg-35mg a day gave him the largest gains in muscle and muscle pumps in period of 4 weeks. Higher dosages over the same time period did not show any increases in strength or lean body mass. The recommendation is to front load Ostarine during the first week of use, close to 50 percent of the target dose to quicken the concentration of Ostarine in the body’s system and its effect on the androgen receptor.

Supplements also seem to help increase the effectiveness of Ostarine. One such example would be Creatine which, by itself, increases lean body mass, bone density, increases levels of igf-1, and helps prevent cardiovascular problems. A combination of both Ostarine and Creatine figures to work wonders.

Another reason to buy Ostarine is because it does not only help build muscle, but also increases the strength of tendons, improve ligament health, increases density of bones, and the pace at which collagen is turned over. A dose of 12mg is sufficient for this purpose. Also, with the same dose, it can help treat certain injuries such as shin splints, and also to help maintain muscle and hasten the recovery speed of limbs after an operation. It is important to note that one will not be able to fully recover on Ostarine alone; it can only provide the needed anabolism during recovery. It is advisable, then, to buy Ostarine and use it together with a pct protocol such as aromasin, nolvadex, and clomid to ensure total recovery.